Frequenctly Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting and bookkeping are often used interchangeably but they mean different things. Accounting is the process compiling financial transactions to effectively represent the financial status of a company. Bookkeeping on the other hand, is the process of systematically organizing the financial transactions. Accounting services cannot be done without bookeeping.

As part of our Bookkeeping services we will (see our Periodic Bookkeeping Services for an exhaustive list):

  1. Record all financial transactions in a chronological manner so that your company's core financial records are organized and easy to understand
  2. We will identify potential shortfalls and concerns
  3. Clean up any stray entries

Once all transactions have been documented, organized, and audited, we can then use these as inputs into our Accounting services where we generate comprehensive reports and analyses so that you can focus on evaluating your company's future financial decisions.

All financial records. Whether they are in paper and/or online, it does not matter. Send us the records and we do the rest.

A general ledger with all the company's financial records organized and documented. With the information provided we willt then create a comprehensive report and a financial sheet that the excecutives/business owners can then use to understand the current financial status of the company.

We accept Zelle, PayPal, and Credit Cards.

Costs vary depending on the service and on the number of business transactions.

Note that for monthly rates, we will first need to take a looks at your business' monthly activity so we can provide you with a quote.

Contact us for a quote or see our services for more details.